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Transcription is one of the trending online jobs available on the web. It has developed from transcribing interviews to TV shows -for captions and subtitles. It is sometimes hard for you as a newbie to know which transcription websites are marketable and which ones will pay you well. Before you stick to any, you need to do thorough research on all the available transcription websites avoiding to land into the fairy hands of con-sites.

You don’t have to worry anymore. We have reduced all the overwhelm and gathered nothing but the best sites that value your transcription skills.

What are the necessary skill I need?

I believe you are aiming at being a successful transcriptionist. You’ve heard and perhaps read many success stories from successful transcriptionist s. It is now your turn to develop and nature your skills so that your story can be told too. But skills does it take to get rolling?

  • Attentive listening – transcription is not just listening and writing; you have to listen carefully for you be able to differentiate phrases like “Bear and Bare,” “there and their,” and “here and hear.” Therefore, Attentive listening is a big call.
  • Fast typing speed (you can develop this as you proceed)
  • Necessary English writing skills and Comprehensive Understanding of Grammar and Spelling Intricacies
  • Patience and Responsibility
  • Critical thinking

You must be passionate about what you want to do for you to achieve the best.

What are the benefits of becoming a transcriptionist?

  • You can work remotely and anywhere you want, provided that the environment is conducive for concentration.
  • BYOB – No supervisions, Be Your Own Boss. But, meet deadlines.
  • Flexibility in working hours is guaranteed – no opening or closing hours.
  • Reasonable rates. You can earn more compared to an office secretary or receptionist.  

Being a successful transcriptionst is not about making money only, its more than that. You must understand how you will use and manage your earnings or else you will fail.

Some websites might be restricted to specific locations, but I believe this is a guide that is aimed at educating all regardless of your location. With that said, let’s get rolling.

1. Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me

If you can type in English or Spanish the this is the ideal site for you. Transcribe be does not require any previous experience for you to join.

An average transcriptionist could earn up to $250 while top earners make up to $2000 per month.

You only need to sign up as a transcriptionist and pass a take test. You will then be contacted within 48 hours by a member from their operations department for directions on the next step.

TranscribeMe is one of the best platforms because of its service delivery in that they make payments every week through PayPal. The payments made are per audio hour with each audio hor ranging between $15 and $ 22.

What if you don’t pass the test?

Well, don’t worry because most of these transcription websites give you a chanceto retake the test. The trial is fair enough and does not require any sophisticated knowledge.

2. Scribie Transcription Website

Scribie Transcription

This is a popular site that beginners run for when they first hear of transcription. No experience is needed to get started though you must pass a test for you to be a member. 

Scribie offers a pay rate of $5 to $10 per audio hour. Their primary payment method is PayPal.

With Scribie, you will work when you want and as much or as little as you want. You are guaranteed a bonus of $5 if you transcribe three hours a month.

Given that their rates are somehow low, you can increase your earnings through referrals and affiliate programs. For each transcript order made by a customer you referred to, you will get a 5% affiliate commission. A 2.5% referral commission will be paid to your account for every transcriber you bring to their pool.

How Do I Refer a Transcriber or a Customer?

It is simple because your profile page has embedded affiliate/referral codes. Just share your profile on your social media profiles, blog, and pages. Anyone who will enroll or place an order after visiting your profile is marked your referral automatically.

3. GoTranscript

This is one of the cool transcription websites with editors on board. You will need to take a test which you are expected to pass. A retake is allowed after some days just in case you didn’t pass your first test.


Receive weekly payments through PayPal. For both audio and video files, you will receive $0.72 per audio minute, which amounts to $43.2 per audio hour.

4. Crowdsurf Transcription

If you are after transcription work related to video captioning, then Crowdsurf is the generic site for you. It offers short tasks that you can quickly complete.

You will need an MT account, which is an Amazon Company, for you to get started because all jobs are posted via Mechanical Turk.

No experience is required, but an assessment test must be taken.

5. Rev Transcription

Get paid for transcribing audio and video files. You will only be able to claim available work when you pass the online grammar and transcription test.

Rev Transcription

Rev payments vary depending on what you’re doing, ranging from $0.40 to $0.75 per audio minute. You can make $245 average earnings per month and $1495 as your top monthly earnings.

You will receive weekly payments via PayPal for all completed work.

6. Quicktate and iDictate

Quicktate offers transcription jobs on categories. You will be able to do letters transcription, memos, transcribe voicemails, legal notes from legal firms, medical reports, and other related short audio files. All audio files in Quicktate are less than 5 minutes. 

iDictate provides for audio files that are longer than 5 minutes. These may be lectures, sermons, YouTube videos, conference calls and many more.

The two are under one company, and you can enroll in and still be able for the other.

You’ll need three references during application and pay a fee of $20 to a background check. 

Payment rates are between $0.0025 and $0.005 per word and are done by PayPal.

7. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription
Daily Transcription

Though this site needs you to deliver the work within the same day it was ordered, the site is a real hotcake. It is among the sites offering the best rates for transcriptionists per audio minute.

Top transcriptionists who have been approved into their pool make $250 to $950 in a week. Huh! You also can do it. The payment is made weekly by cheque, with each audio minute priced between $0.75 and $0.85.

Even though there is no previous experience required, you will have two tests – skill and transcription assessment tests. In addition to that, you must have a minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute.

8. TriggerFish


This transcription website offers flexible jobs. You’ll have to sign up, create a profile, and take a 3 to 5-minute assessment test for you to be considered for the available paid jobs. No experience is needed, and there is no mandatory typing speed.

You will be paid per transcribed line with one line ranging between $0.03 and $0.04.

9. Speechpad Transcription

Imagine earning between $0.25 to $2.50 per audio minute. Or let me put it this way, making $15 to $150 per audio hour with payments made twice a week through PayPal. This is quite a big deal.

Being a member is pretty simple – pass a grammar and transcription test, and you are in.

SpeechPad Transcription

As you work on projects, you will be rated. The rating will affect your profile, determining the type of jobs you will be eligible to handle.

You need to provide quality work to increase your rating, and open opportunities to qualify for rush projects with have higher pay.

10. 1-888-Type-It-Up

“We are only concerned about your accuracy. Just signup and pass a short audio transcription test, then pay a $35 application fee, and you are in.” This is what 1-888-Type-It-Up is all about. 

The application fee is mandatory and non-refundable. It is so that they can minimize the number of applications that way is reducing competition for the available jobs – something that most transcription websites don’t cosider.

1-888-Type-It-Up is a reputable company that offers $30 to $180 per audio hour. They are currently aiming at paying $1 or higher per audio minute, which converts to $60 per audio hour.

The rate may also vary depending on what their esteemed clients are willing to put on the table. 

Speed is not a factor – not concerned with word count per minute, but accuracy and quality is their core factor.

Payment is twice per month via PayPal.

Now that you know the best sites, do you just dive in? Hell No!

Most sites do not require any experience for you to be part of their transcriptionists. That does not mean that you begin working immediately. There are things you will need to put in place before you even sign up, and there are others you will be required to set up after auspicious sign-up.

1. The Tools

You should keep in mind that you are not doing this for fun; this can turn out to be your full-time job. From the basics, you will need:

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Headphones

You will only need those if you are doing this as a part-time job. Don’t take it as a side hustle if you do not have a full-time job. Consider having these additional tools that a professional transcriptionist MUST have.

Sheeroh Murega Kiarie, an author at Tech Money Mama, says that:

2. Invest

For you to be successful in any business, investment is vital – Invest in your skills.

Now that your office is set up with the tools you just learned above, the next step is to enroll for either a free transcription mini-course or a full course. These courses teach a lot of things in a short time. Learning everything on your own can take you up to six months or even a year, but with these causes, it saves you time.

What Next?

Now that you are aware of the ideal transcription websites and how much they pay, take a step forward for the impact to take effect. Sign Up to at least three sites and start bidding for jobs.

Do you have other sites that might you think we left out? Leave your comment below.

Just a reminder, you have to produce quality and flawless results for you to win high paying projects.

Are you a transcriptionist? Which transcription websites do you guys use let us know which country it is effective in?

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