Affordany was created to help freelance writers to achieve their goals. It was built out of the idea that freelance writing shouldn’t be complicated to handle.

The reason why we have invested so heavily in this site is that we are here to make freelancing easy to understand. We are working so hard to bring you informative content and products on how you can become an independent successful freelancer.

The world is moving into a DIY generation where everything is being automated. This is exactly what we are bringing to the table. We believe that when you learn, you get to understand things better.

Written content never disappears, you are welcomed to our blog because every post was crafted with you in mind. We want to help you effortlessly but still in a professional manner to make smart decisions and above all, acheive your financial goals.

Additionally, we don’t like to complicate staffs, we value simplicity. This is reflected in how work and in what we produce – agile processes for simple, concrete solutions.

To sum up, it’s not going to be easy, neither is it going to be perfect so fast, but it will get better every second.

Dont Wait Until It's Too Late

Do you want to stay on top of your finances? Are you looking forward to achieving your goals? Or do you want a no supervision like kind of job?

Well, we believe that you can achieve just that. We also trust that you can afford anything though freelance writing and that’s why we are here to guide, nature your skills and walk with you throughout your writing career.

Let us help you build a successful freelance career through our blogs, freebies, and a few paid products.