How Testimonials Boost Your Chances Of Landing Clients

How Testimonials Boost Your Chances Of Landing Clients

How do freelance writers land and retain clients? What is it that they do that keeps their clients motivated and always coming back for more? These are the questions that you’ve got to find answers to if you don’t want much of a hustle finding clients.

Today I am humbled to tell you how testimonials boost your chances of landing clients and also tell you how you can get clients to leave one for you.

Online writing is in its competitive times flooded with remarkable freelance writers. However, it turns out that some of us are struggling to get clients.

What criteria will a client use to hire you when they land on your UpWork profile or on your writer’s website? When clients land on one of the services you offer over the internet, how would they decide whether to hire you or not without having to go through the samples you have provided?

Your freelancing reputation matters a lot when a client hires you. For that, client reviews and feedback are an important part of your freelance writing reputation.

See, just the way product reviews are a powerful tool that affects the sales of online stores, client testimonials boost your chances of landing clients.

Testimonials persuade other clients to buy your services and also help to build trust and loyalty with your previous clients.

Let me throw some light on how feedback influences the hiring process and also how you can convince your clients to leave a testimonial or feedback.

But before that…… see the

Benefits of testimonials to freelance writers

Not every feedback you get will be good for your profile. There is negative and positive feedback. Let’s keep everything positive for us because we don’t intend to get negative feedback after all the efforts we are putting in our work.

1. Testimonials impact the hiring decision

Positive feedback and ratings left by clients help other clients in need of your services to make the right hiring decisions.

Clients will browse through the ratings so that they can be aware of how you deliver your services. They want to know if your previous clients were happy with your services or not before they take you in to write for them.

They simply analyze the feedback and reduce the risk of making bad decisions when hiring.

Also, both positive and negative feedback gives writers good insights about what their potential clients like and what they don’t. They help you plan your activities in the right direction to boost your chances of landing clients.

2. Testimonials help to build trust and credibility

How Testimonials Boost Your Chances Of Landing Clients - trust and credibility

As you transform from being a mere online writer to a personal brand you will need to build trust with your clients.

You need to be convincing to that person who has never hired you. Make them believe that you are the best. Let them be assured that they will not be wasting their resources to invest in your skills.


By producing high-quality results for your current clients. If you produce pure gold, trust me it will be not much of a hustle to ask for a review from your client.

Client feedback can build trust and credibility among your client base.

Potential clients may be confused and skeptical about hiring you but if they are able to find testimonials on your profile or site, they will create a sense of trust and credibility about you as a brand.

3. They help clients make the right educated decisions

How Testimonials Boost Your Chances Of Landing Clients -educated details

I know you are wondering how testimonials can make clients make the right educated decisions. Let me explain how.

Take for instance client A is on your portfolio, you have nice samples he reads through and he is happy with what he has read. He contacts you asking you for testimonials then you are like, unfortunately, I don’t have any testimonials.

Client B lands on another portfolio, reads through the samples and see a testimonial page. He rushes to it, reads the testimonials then he decides to contact the writer to discuss the contract.

Who between Client A and B will be better informed about the writer?

Of course client B. He will hire you knowing how you write, the tone and flow of your articles, and what risks he is taking when he hires you thus making the right educated decisions. This is from the feedback left by other clients

How to convince clients to leave feedback

I said that getting client feedback and testimonials is easy if you deliver pure gold but sometimes it may not be an easy task.

Some clients may not have time for writing and submitting testimonials on your profile but if you follow the following methods I am sure you’ll get some enticing feedback from your clients.

1. Start asking your clients for feedback directly

It is not a sin to ask credit for a nice job done from your clients. Just make sure that it is not an automated email or a popular testimonial request template.

Send a catchy and polite email to your clients asking them to submit their feedback or testimonials. This should be done within 72 hours after you submit the article just to be sure that the client has gone through it and that there are no revisions required. If they don’t send the feedback, follow-up emails can come in handy.

2. Offer some rewards or incentives

Offers and rewards are a great way to pull the attention of clients when it comes to feedback collection.

How Testimonials Boost Your Chances Of Landing Clients - incentives

You can offer discounts to your clients for the next project if they leave you feedback. Let’s say the current project was worth $200, you can craft an email that says:

Dear [Client Name],

I am happy that you chose me to work on your project and completed it successfully.

I sent the articles on [date you submitted the articles] and I am eagerly waiting to hear from you if there are any corrections to be made.

But if you are happy with the articles, how about rating my services at [link to testimonials page] and grab the 10% discount on your next project.


How about leaving a feedback on my profile and get one more article written for you about a topic of your choosing?

Sounds great right?

See you on the other side.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

Testimonials are expensive therefore play smart to win them. Have a reward in exchange for a client testimonial.

3. Ask for photos along with testimonials

There is no better testimonial than that with your client’s image or the logo/icon of the company you worked for.

New clients will be confident that the feedback was not auto-generated.

Feel free to ask clients to send pictures along with the testimonials so that clients can be assured that it is not a bot-generated review.

4. Ask questions and get answers

Whooaa slow down for a moment.

How on earth can one get testimonials from questions?

It is very simple.

Just create a questionnaire with relevant questions about your service and then send it to your clients asking them to answer them. Once get the answers, frame all the paragraphs and post them on your testimonials page.

Make sure you have the consent of the client before posting the feedback. Let him or her know that you will be posting their responses on your site.

Simple right?

5. Make reviewing easy

Sometimes we don’t get clients feedback simply because we have a complicated feedback submission process.

The worst thing a client could face is a tedious and lengthy review submission process. You need to make the review process easier for them because you need that testimonials and feedback to boost your chances of landing other clients

Having in mind that clients are often busy, they should be able to save time and effort while submitting reviews on your testimonial page.

Final Thoughts

Mmmmhhh here we are, the end of this post.

However, I know you have one question in mind.

If I am guessing right, you want to know what to do with those negative testimonials you get.

It is true that only positive testimonials boost your chances of landing clients but it is also true that no one is perfect. Therefore, don’t hide the bad testimonials and don’t post all. Have a plan to moderate testimonials regularly before you post them on your portal.

Also, make a habit of responding to those reviews you think need attention. Thanking your clients for leaving feedback is a good practice.

If a client happens to leave any negative testimonial or feedback, strive to address their concerns or issues. Be humble and apologize for any mistakes you or your team made.

Why is it necessary?

It will encourage other clients to leave feedback because they will understand that you take action and value their feedback regardless of how they are. If you have been bidding and not getting clients use testimonials to expand your client base.

If my guess was wrong, let me know what question you had in mind in the comment section and I will reply ASAP!

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