6 Deadly Freelance Writing Mistakes To Keep In Your Mind

freelance writing mistakes to keep in your mind

Has someone ever told you that some things you ignore are deadly freelance writing mistakes you need to keep in your mind? If not let me be the first and if I am not the first then let me emphasize it.

The freelance writing industry is growing very fast. Statistics prove that there has been an increase in businesses and agencies in search of content marketers as well as a rise in content creators on the globe. It is shocking how everyone wants to have a taste of the goodies the industry has to offer.

With that happening, let me tell you the brutal truth that you are rarely told; the more profitable freelance writing becomes, the more freelance writers commit deadly freelance writing mistakes.

These mistakes make it easy for clients to spot non-savvy writers from a pool of proposals and that is why you are finding it hard to land online jobs

I always say that freelance writing is like other jobs out there – you are your own boss. There are certain writer principles you need to look out for in order to succeed as a freelancer. 

It is true that being a perfect freelance writer can be very difficult. It because of the following common freelance writing mistakes.

1. Not understanding who the target audience is

freelance writing mistakes -target audience

Before you fire up your document typing software to write an article for your site or for a client, make sure you have a good understanding of who the target audience is.

Let’s say you are writing an article for an audience between 5 to 10 years, you may need an article with attractive illustrations and images and perhaps animations that will keep them reading.

Most of us tend to forget that every piece we write will always be a representation of us as the authors and that our audience will draw a lot of reference from it.

Not understanding who the audience is will make them have a feeling that you don’t know what you are doing.

This is the reason why you’ll find someone posting an article about Forex exchange in a pets niche group. Not many will be interested to browse through the article because it does not solve their pets’ issues.

We also tend to forget that these articles will be the samples we send to clients when submitting a job proposal. If it appears unprofessional, clients will think the same of you as an individual. It could even impact on whether or not they hire you or not.

2. Not paying attention to the structure and reader experience in your articles

Reader experience here refers to things like labeling, and navigation of the articles. You need to have clear headings and subheadings in your article.


It will be boring to have a long piece of text without guiding headings and sub-headings. Readers should be able to trace and differentiate different blocks of text in your prose.


You also need to have a navigation or table of content for easy navigation through different sections in the article. See for long articles like this, I have a table of content which floats all through the article. You can simply navigate to any key point you want anytime without having to scroll through text. This is how easy your readers should navigate your post.

The reader needs to be able to easily understand what is in the article because this will determine whether or not they will come back next time.

When crafting your articles, keep in mind that there are millions of content on the web and therefore you are competing for a very limited attention span of the online visitor.

3. Neglecting the article layout or structure

Ok, let me make this clear, all types of articles have a unique layout or structure. How you will write a buying guide or a product review article is not the same way you will write a generic article. One major mistake many people make when writing articles is not being consistent with the structure.

A blog post without a layout is deemed to be reader unfriendly. You don’t just pick things here and there then throw them anywhere in the article. Most readers will quickly click off if they run into such type of posts.

Anything you do when writing an article has a consequence. You must always remember that there is a lot of competition in freelance. Before publishing or submitting an article to a client ask yourself if it is pitch-able.

Bad articles can lead to termination of a contract by clients.

Why is that so?

Clients value there audience and they want their readers to stay long on their site. Having said that, most readers will stay on a website and read the entire post only if the layout is good, and it has a great reader experience.

4. Ignoring SEO

freelance writing mistakes - call to action -ignoring seo

Whether you are writing an article for your personal blog, for a client or just a guest post, you need to write search engine optimized articles.

Ignoring SEO writing is a mortal freelance writing mistake.

Content marketing revolves around SEO. It is one of the best marketing methods compared to traditional marketing forms.

You need to make it easy for search engines to find your articles by paying attention to your keywords, both long-term and short-term

If you were a client, imagine how happy you will be if I told you that I will take care of the article SEO needs. You will be very happy with me and you will probably hire me again if you have more articles to be written.

It is not complicated, start practicing now.

5. Using poor quality visual images

freelance writing mistakes - images

Most people find it hectic to design images for a particular article. It needs creativity and composure.

This will be sophisticated if you try using professional graphic design software like photoshop and adobe illustrator.

I will recommend using Canva to create custom images or Fotolia for stock images.

Images are essential for breaking up the monotony of text. They are essential to help people interact with your article and also contribute to the attractiveness of the post.

Let me also bring to your attention that the images you use should have relevance to the content you are writing.

6. Not having a clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

freelance writing mistakes - call to action

You need to ask yourself why you are writing a particular article. What do you want your reader to do after reading the article?

Your audience may need a little nudge before they can take any action. You don’t just tell your reader to buy a particular product from your site right from the start of the article. A strategically placed Call to Action is, therefore, a key consideration.

A CTA is a command, the uniqueness about it is that you deliver it persuasively. It should prompt the reader to take a particular action such as sign up now for a 30% discount.


7. Not having contact information

Well, being a freelance writer means that you are working remotely or virtually for businesses and companies. This does not give you the right to be a ghost.

Not having contact information on your website or your portfolio dominates the list to be one of the deadly freelance writing mistakes.

When you become a freelance writer, you have a particular need as to why you chose it. You will need to give your clients multiple ways of reaching you.

A phone number, email address, social media accounts, among others are very important to your client base.

Final Words

I am glad you reached this far.

It is now evident that you truly want to make it in this competitive freelance writing industry.

I encourage you to watch out on these deadly freelance writing mistakes. Forgetting any will keep you off the radar.

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