7 Freelance Writing Myths That Keeps You from Growing

freelance writing myth

Back in the day when I heard about freelance, it sounded so cool I promised myself that I must be one someday. Earning Money while I work at home, doing what I love without a boss? That is enough good news for anyone. However, it never crossed my mind that there is more to the whole freelance affair besides the many exciting freelance writing myth (s). These myths are one of the reasons that we have to clear off our heads.

Here is the thing..

Every industry has space for freelance service. You have total flexibility; you decide what to do, when to do it, what projects to reject and which ones you should take, and most importantly, you quote your services worth.

That’s cool, right?

But what more can one desire? All the hype you come across is simply that. Here, we will call them myths because if you go into freelance with the mentality of less work, more money freedom, then you are in for a rude shock!

As a freelancer, no money is out there waiting for you to collect. You have to work hard for every coin that you get.

First, you must get a gig, bid for it, get down to work and deliver quality work, then submit. If your client approves your work, then you earn your pay. I’m sure that this was not part of the hype! Only hard work will keep you from the deadly freelance writing mistakes you can ever encounter.

Enough gossiping, let me take you through the ideal freelance writing myths that if you believe,,,, you will never grow as a freelancer.

1. Work for a few hours and Earn

Don’t listen to anyone who gives this line as a part of the benefits of being a freelancer.

The moment you kick-off as a freelancer, you will understand that you work for more hours than your regular job. As an independent person, you have bills to pay and some financial goals to achieve. During your working hours, you can take as many breaks as you wish or even a nap. However, remember your work has deadlines, and somehow, you must meet them to pocket that dollar you badly need

As a freelance writer, you must have strategies that retain clients besides produce quality work to impress your client. This will call for you to do vast research, type your work, edit, proofread, and make sure it is the best you can deliver before you submit. Besides writing, you need to pitch for new jobs, check your emails, reply to those that need feedback, and, most importantly, run your life. 

If you put in enough hard work and avoid this mortal freelance writing myth, then you will one day find yourself working fewer hours and still pocketing some good cash. However, it will not just happen. Your discipline and hard work will get you there someday.

2. Freelance is Less Stressful

freelance writing is stressful

If you were employed and you have this notion that your job is stressful then the only reason for you to be present is just that you want the day to count.

All you think about is that final hour when you pack and leave your desk.

As a freelance writer, you will experience a new level of stress the moment your new career kicks off. It all begins with looking for clients.

It is always a nightmare for hunters who have no clue of a hunting base. Trust me, the same is true in the writing industry. You will face it rough if you don’t know where to hunt for clients. Remember, you have that constant reminder of bills to take care of. 

That explains how stressful freelance writing is but all the same people survive. Those who get through acknowledged that freelance writing is a pain but had that positive zeal about it.

Constant worry is a part of your daily routine because if there is no work for you, then there will be no money coming your way, and the bills aren’t going anywhere. Depending on how you conduct your freelance business, manage your everyday stress, then freelance can give you feast or famine.

What I am trying to tell you is that freelance writing is not less stressful. if you think it is less stressful then that is a huge freelance writing myth you should forget.

3.No guarantee that You will make money

Money is the main drive for anyone joining the writing industry. However, you need to chill out and continue with your regular job, if this is your only motivation. Yes, you set your prices, and you have more control over your work. However, you must work hard and deliver to earn. 

Just the same way you believe that your employer is going to pay you, do the same when crafting that proposal to a client. It is true that you are not guaranteed of that work and that you can bid and not get clients. How you present your ideas to the client determines if you will get hired or not.

I consider the idea that you are not guaranteed if you will make money a freelance writing myth because earning some bucks depends on you. You can double or triple income if you do it right. Take time to know your clients, keep pitching for more work, and master the platforms that offer employment.

Also keep the myth of easy money aside, in fact, toss it in the trash cane and work hard because, if you don’t, you will become a miserable creature.

As you begin your freelance career, you will be demanded to offer quality services and build up your profile. If you do a good job, your clients will be kind enough to give you a review or testimonial which will attract more clients.

My advice is that you get your freelance facts right before you venture in.

4. Being a Freelancer, Your schedule is wide Open

freelance writing myth-open schedule

This is a myth.

You will have lots of work to do in measured time. The money will not land in your back account mysteriously from space. You must look for work, deliver and get paid for it. Less than that, you have no money to your name. In short, your schedule is tight. You single-handedly have to do all these things. 

The truth is, you plan your work schedule and execute it, which is another freelance writing myth that drives people into freelancing. You decide what to do and when to do it. However, each job has a deadline. A late delivery disqualifies you, earning you a bad name (review), and you don’t need that at all. You have no sick off days, leave days or vacation days. For you, it is work, work, and more work.

See if you take an hourly contract, any second or minute spend away from work isn’t going to count even if you spend weeks to complete the task. You will only be paid for the hours you worked. I hope this makes sense. 

5. A Freelance Writing Myth That A Freelancer has no Boss

Whooa slow down…….

This is a huge lie.

You are the “BOSS” of yourself; This is a huge freelance writing myth that can quickly destroy you.

freelancer boss

You see the idea of being your own boss will push you to take matters into your own hands. You will end up taking serious issues like deadlines lightly.

If you are hired for a project mind their deadlines and every bit of agreement that was discussed. Your client is your BOSS because, without him, you will get no pay.

You have the freedom to work for more than one client if you juggle through the tasks well and deliver within the stipulated timescales. Now, working for more than one client means you have more than one boss who keeps track of your work progress! It can turn out to be a stressful time because every client has his/her own demands. Now you know!

6. Freelance is not a Steady Gig

The secret to keeping a steady income is working with more than one client. They complement each other when one has less flow of work or none at all. Sometimes when there is a massive flow of work and others with little or no work. However, when you work with more than one client, you are guaranteed a steady workflow. All clients cannot be out of work at once. 

7. Freelancers are Lonely -Freelance writing Myth

freelance writing myth -lonely

The thought of working from home alone is attractive and draws most people in. Your line of work will determine your relations. You may never interact with your clients or people one on one. Keep in touch with your old friends once in a while and also your former colleagues. Make it known to them what you do, and if anything comes up, they will consider you first for the job. Just network and you will find out that you are not alone.

Freelance is nothing like starting an actual Business

This a deadly myth that anyone thinking of freelance should scrap off their minds. Freelance is a business where you sell your services and earn an income just like any other business.



Freelance writing is extensive, fun, and tasking. Play your cards right and have the best out of it. However, it can be hectic if you venture in excited with any of the above freelance writing myths. Learn to balance work and play, and you will have no regrets at all. This is not to say that there are no challenges, but how you tackle them will determine how you move forward.

I believe that this has been an eye opener for you. Are there any other freelance myths that you know? How about sharing them with us in the comment section. I am sure it will help someone.

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