How Freelancers Can Flourish In January – Kusota Ain’t Real!!!

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How can freelancers flourish in January? The major question that most need answers to because finally, the famous Njaanuary is here, and as always, it’s expected to be a beehive of activity seeing school-going children embark for another term.

Workplaces re-open for most people who had taken a break for the Christmas holidays.

People travel back to cities and their various places of residence and work, not to mention projects that were paused resuming for continuation, the list is endless.

And as always, it’s expected to see most people, if not all trying so hard to meet the many financial demands to cope with the high cost of living in today’s economically challenged situations.

Wait, take a break, it’s not that serious.

It will never be even when you come across those memes with cabbages having smiley faces with a caption underneath, “kulenitu, January niko na nyinyi.” Or perhaps another meme, a pack of chicken on a voyage with bag packs on their back captioned, “tuonaneni December” just to paint a picture of how January is.

Even with that forecast about January, pictures with excellent cuisines will not fail to greet your faces on social media. People in costly hotels, safaris, and adventure captured in short clips will always fill your galleries, and you still wonder how in this January do they manage.

For God’s sake, wake up, this is the beginning of another decade, and as long as it’s not a virus embedded in our systems, your neighbor next door will eat meat and eggs and torment you with a sweet aroma.

At the same time, you sit back and lament there is no money in January. This article seeks to inform you (freelancers) not on survival techniques but how you can live and make in January regardless. You can be that neighbor!

If you are a freelancer and you want to know how freelancers can flourish in January? See the tips below.

Pay in installments

Whether you are seeking to meet that financial need, be it paying school fees, buying that dream laptop for your freelance writing work, or even repaying a loan, there is no more significant harm in doing it in phases.

It is a gem of wisdom that some people have unearthed, especially if blasted with all that and many more at once.

A shrewd move like this will always see you progress cumulatively rather than counting all your eggs placed in one basket before they hatch!

Market your friends and earn commission on per sale.

With the introduction of the most used feature in one of the most downloaded social app, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status has enabled us to know the whereabouts of our friends, acquaintances, and colleagues and what businesses and activities they carry out.

Be wise, strike a deal with whichever of them, embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, and” be them” while they post watches, handbags, shoes, perfumes, and cosmetics, also post them too and do business negotiations on their behalf while transacting as them. When closing a deal, make sure a reasonable profit margin drops right on your account.

After you start making some bucks, you will be like, Whoa, this is just another form of affiliate marketing.

Network with other freelancers

I will quote the words of some famous people, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Dangote, and even our very own Chris Kirubi, “Your network, is your net worth.”

In this anticipated, economic challenged financial month, you cannot fail to have your circle that acts as a fall back plan when the numbers don’t add up.

And in this, I don’t necessarily mean a pool where you extract finances whenever you need to.

Have contacts of people who you would rely upon to meet a specific demand.

For instance, if you need some cash, a contact of a friend who does outsourcing or sub-contracting may come in handy. Consider striking a deal with them to get yourself some fried eggs on the table.

Work freelance

You cannot afford to solely depend on your salary and salary advances to sort that need.

This should not be the mainstream source of revenue and livelihood.

This decade I challenge you to take freelancing passionately and convert it into a money-making venture. Start today start now, and in no time, running broke becomes a past tense ever in your vocabulary.

There are many freelance sites on the online space like Upwork, Fiverr not to forget the various job boards for different jobs that you can opt into and get working.

There are numerous jobs and services that you can choose from to surplus your livelihood.

Loans to supplement your freelancing needs

Although this will meet a strong wave of contradictions and opposition from many freelancers, let’s face it.


Some successful online businesses you see out there run or were started on loans, but not everyone one will tell you.

With various loan apps in existence, getting quick cash has never been that easy than before.

That said, don’t hesitate to borrow some cash to buy that trending freelance writing course or even set up your money-making blog.

However, the payback plan of the loan may scare you, but don’t be. Its returns are enormous.

Try the unplanned investment trick

You may be wondering what this is as it seems not to make sense.

How on earth can freelancers flourish through unplanned investment?

Now look at this, walk to a friend whom you seem to trust and whose credibility you uphold with high esteem, offer them quick cash or rather a soft loan which they have not asked for.

Hold on, hehe, by this time am hoping your friend has not come across this article.

Suggest for them to enroll in a writing course, open a blog, or purchase any freelancing tool it might be a PC. It would be best if you enticed them into buying your idea anyway. Tell them the importance of what you are asking them to do.

Now that it is January, they will complain that they don’t have the cash and Boom! That’s when you roll in and tell them that you will cater for the expense but they should payback

After they accept your proposal, discuss the payback period, and plan. Who would refuse a soft loan at this time? And most of all, what they have not asked for?

So while they will be thinking of repaying a loan according to the agreed terms and conditions, you will be reaping across.

Wrap Up

Lastly, this is the most important of all, keep hope alive and God first. My local inspiration Walter can testify that.

I hope this article gave you a little trick you had not thought of, and you will be more than happy to give some tips a try.

Create awareness among freelancers by sharing this article with your circle and make them flourish in this tight month.

Compiled by Hosea Wafula

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    1. Hello Chosen One,
      I hope people applied the strategies in the article.
      Actually I believe that the tips ain’t just for January but also some can be used anytime.

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