6 Real Reasons Why Clients Hesitate To Hire You

reasons why clients hesitate to hire you.

Why is it that when you think you’ve done enough, it turns out like you still have a lot that you need to address? As years go by the demand for writers increase but at the same time, the need for top talent rises. A lot of jobs are being posted in job mills and job boards but why is it that you are not a beneficiary of the jobs? Have you ever made an effort to find out the reasons why clients hesitate to hire you?


Maybe yes, maybe not.


For those who did ask themselves let me know what answers you got in the comment box. You never know, you might change someone’s freelance writing career.


Two weeks ago I attended a certain webinar and the final words of the presenter were just questions.


Do you want to attract more clients to hire you? Do you want to retain new and existing clients? If you do, go and dig deeper. Find out what is it that you are not doing right.


I was among those who gave big YEEESSes in the live comments hoping that he will give us the way forward before he said that we go find out how.


This made to ask myself the question below:


What should freelancing be like?


As a freelance writer, you have one mandate – to persuade clients to hire you.


At times you put in much effort and it turns out that your writer’s website or freelancing profile does not win clients as per your expectation. Or maybe, you do not get the desired response from your target clients.


If this is your experience, don’t give up. You only need to work on improving the client conversion rate. This is how freelancing should be like.


How does one improve the client conversion rate?


It is not complicated.


Thankfully, small or unnoticeable changes can work wonders for you.


I believe that the lack of clients is certainly a big issue for you now as you have spent a lot of money, time, and energy developing your profile and improving your skills. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid any mistakes that scare away potential clients from your profile.


Keep in mind that when clients visit your profile, they are in search of a writer or talent that is best fit for their requirements. So, your freelancing profile needs to look ‘right’ in a way that prospective clients find you capable of satisfying their needs. If it is not right, that is just one of the reasons why clients hesitate to hire you.


Today I am going to share with you 6 mistakes or problems that keep clients away from your profile and I will also give the solutions to make your freelance writing career profitable.


These reasons are the things I and most freelancers are doing wrong. They are the ideal answers to the questions asked in the webinar. The good thing is that whether you are a new freelancer or a seasoned online writer, these tips will certainly help you boost your chances of securing clients.


With that said, let’s dive straight into the real reasons why clients hesitate to hire you.


1. Complicated overview and skillset


reasons why clients hesitate to hire you -complicated profile


Have you ever put yourself in a client’s shoes?


Suppose you’re a client who lands on a writer’s profile in UpWork. What would you expect there?


For me, I would expect a simple and easy-to-understand overview along with a clear and well laid out skill set that is all I need to have a pleasant hiring experience. This is what most clients expect.


Even if your profile gets 200 visits a day, it is of no use if the client conversion rate is poor. Complex or mixed skills and not to point overviews are responsible for the client change of mind.


2. Lack of freelance writing market research and the absence of competitive pricing


In the competitive field of writing, pricing holds a key to success. This runs across all the freelancing websites and personal writer’s website.


The services you offer to clients are your products.


A study by Statista has suggested that more than 36% of customers leave a website in favor of another because they find the same services or products at a lower price there.


The graph shows the reasons why clients abandon your services:


why clients hesitate to hire you -statista analysis greph


What does this tell you?


That you should do a thorough freelance writing market research and stay updated with your competitors’ moves to attract clients.


It is also advisable to have promotional offers or rewards regularly on your writer’s website to attract more clients. If you are on UpWork, you can give offers to clients by stating it in your titles, first-line or paragraph of your overview or even in the new popular projects feature.


why clients hesitate to hire you -upwork rewards


3. Security concerns – privacy policy


A client’s personal and critical information like names and the website he is authoring should be respected. The payment details as well.


It is important to build and retain a client’s trust. If he mentions that all the rights of an article will be his after he pays for it, let it be so. Don’t go ahead and post their article on your portfolio without their consent.


This is one of the major reasons why clients hesitate to hire you.


You should assure potential and existing clients that it is safe working with you and that there will be no attempts of identity theft and data breach.


It is also very important to define and adhere to a laid-out privacy policy for boosting the client’s confidence.


Make a habit of providing a clear clarification that the personal information of the client will not be used for other purposes. This is useful for gaining people’s trust.


4. No physical address or contact details


Imagine if UpWork did not provide a messaging/call area. How would the situation be like?


Clients would be hiring blindly and writers would be taking jobs without knowing the client’s needs or requirements.


Have your contact information and also a contact form on your writer’s site to build trust among your clients. See how my footer is? That is the information that your site should also have.


5. Zero or minimal social media presence




Nowadays most people use social media to get feedback and search for writing services they want. For any freelance writer, it is of great importance to have an active social media presence.


Don’t take Facebook for granted. Social profiles can help you improve the credibility and reputation of your brand.


No or minimum social media activities can send a wrong message to a huge client base.


6. Additional or hidden charges


From the graph above we see that the highest percentage (56%) of clients leave a site just because they came across an unexpected and unrealistic cost.


If you selling a 1500 words article at $150 let it be $150 inclusive of everything. Don’t go ahead and start quoting additional charges for keyword research and image creation. This will scare away clients.


Lack of transparency in pricing and payment process can make potential clients flee from your profile. This results in a steep decline in all your services.


Over To You


That’s it for now.


Those 6 are the major reasons why clients hesitate to hire and as promised, I believe they have solved some of your worries.


Go and implement the solutions in this piece and invest a sizable amount of money in a passive source of income, time, and efforts in developing your skills then wait for the rewards.


Talk soon.


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