Best Strategies For Client Retention [Guide For Freelance Writers]

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If you are a full-time freelance writer meaning that there is no other supplementary job apart from your monetized blog you will be worried about one thing: CLIENT RETENTION or CLIENT LOYALTY. You need to adapt some of the best strategies for client retention because it is something that will affect your revenues and profits.

The client retention strategies I list here are what the giant freelance writers in the industry use to make sure that their clients cling to them and make their online business grow. These strategies should be among the best practices freelance writers should adopt in order to take their business to the next level.

If you are still cracking your head thinking about how you can gain new clients all the time then you are making a huge mistake. Why am I saying that it is a mistake? The reason is that most freelancers who have been in the industry for decades can agree with me that they get most of their work from old and existing clients. They get new clients through referrals made by their previous satisfied clients and that’s how they manage to stay on top of their finances. This is their main strategy for client retention.

It is the high time you start thinking outside the box and start focusing on strategies that can help you get repeated work from your current and the existing clients.

The chances of landing a job from an existing satisfied customer are higher as compared to securing a contract from a new client.

Therefore, keep your focus only on the best strategies for client retention that can help you grab the attention of your existing clients across all the existing freelancing channels.

and how do you do that……?

1. Create a loyalty program

Strategies To Client Retention - loyalty program

In this competitive world, the only trick to beat the competition is to have loyalty programs.

Many writers who offer loyalty programs enjoy the fruits that freelancing has to offer as compared to those freelancers who do not offer any rewarding programs to their clients.

For instance, if a client requests a batch of 10 articles for the first milestone, then you can offer them a discount on the next milestone. This will motivate the client to come for your services repeatedly. Simply play around with figures and see what turns up.

Let’s take for example an online store like Jumia Kenya. These guys prefer free shipping options on some products. Supermarkets, on the other hand, prefer the “Buy One Get One Free” strategies.

Have you ever asked yourself why they do that?

It is pretty simple – to grab your attention as an online shopper.

Also, loyalty programs of different kinds can be used to pull in more clients hence landing more new clients without many marketing strategies.

Below are some of the common and best strategies for client retention you can try.

a. Point System

The point system is a very popular strategy used by most top freelance writers that have turned out to be very effective.

It helps to grow your income.

This is how I personally do it; I have a lite web-based system where my clients sign in when they are allocating a contract or project to me. I like working on milestones rather than full projects. That way I can get some bucks after a milestone is completed rather than waiting for a full pay after two months.

Additionally, I persuade clients to create milestones because it is easy to manage a project in bits than as a whole.

The clients gain points when they fund and activate a certain milestone. In my case, I set my preferences that a $200 worth milestone will be worth 20 points which are equivalent to $20.

The points can only be redeemed when the client activates another milestone within 14 days after the previous milestone is complete.

That’s how I work and how I have managed to add up to my revenue.

Trust me you can enjoy the repeated income.

b. Tier System

Strategies To Client Retention - loyalty program

I also use the tier technique to keep my clients as well.

See when I use the point system, I build that loyalty with my clients. But I want to keep them for as long as I want. This is where the tier system comes in.

If your clients are loyal to you, you can reward them maybe with a free 1500 word article or even two.

Long-term clients can greater benefits through this technique and you will equally enjoy the money they fund.

Different rewards can be made available to clients based on the number of milestones they place. The bigger the milestone amount, the bigger the rewards will be.

Isn’t that great?

And remember a satisfied client who is a beneficiary of these two systems will not hesitate to leave a nice review on your testimonial page. I believe you know how important feedback and testimonials are.

c. Referrals

This is where you put yourself in the shoes of the client.

Think of a client who has benefitted from the two techniques above. He is a happy and satisfied client. What do you think he will do when he finds a company or a person who has the same needs he had when he first started working with you?

He will refer him or her to you and BOOOOMMMmmm that is how you land a new client using the existing client.

After you land a client from an existing one, the referral loyalty system comes in hand.

Offer rewards to clients who refer their friends. You can send them an email while working their project or when it’s over and tell them that they will get a 20% commission for every referral they make. Or promise them to get 2 free articles when they have their next project.

Whom do you think this client will find? You or another new writer?

He will come for you because he knows that he has his pending reward with you.

How about trying these tricks out. The three are top-class strategies for client retention. If you have used any, I will be glad to know which one you used. Just shoot me a comment.

2. Encourage clients to make second-time orders

This may seem like I am repeating the above points but I am not.

When a client hires you, it becomes easier for you to persuade them to make another order because more than half of your job is done.

The hard part is usually to pull the attention of new clients and make them hire you but once they hire you, it is half the battle won.

You can use the referral technique to persuade them to make a second order. The reward is the thing that will bring them back to you.

You can also be creative and find different ways to make them make an order from you. Send them a personalized email about your current offers.

3. Exceptional client support

Strategies To Client Retention - client support

The last but not the least is to provide exceptional client support all the time.

You will only retain a client if you offer great customer/client support.

It has been proven that 4 out of 10 clients are likely to switch to your competitors (other freelancers offering the same services you do) if they do not get the expected service for their needs.

Be prompt to response by turning on notifications in your browser or implementing chatbots on the writer’s website.

This can help you to deliver great customer service and make your clients happy and satisfied.

Concluding Lines

Keep in mind that your clients are your assets, therefore, strive to look for ways to retain them and also ways to capture the attention of new clients.

Start looking for sure-shot solutions that can help your freelance writing career reach new heights. As you rise and start earning keep in mind that you have to implement some of the best financial habits for not to fall back at any point.


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