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As you wake up in the morning, you get to plan your day. You schedule every activity you will do throughout the day. It is possible that you will accomplish others and maybe fail on others. You need to maintain that one hundred percent task accomplishment score for you to be a productive person. You fail to handle some tasks, maybe because you did not have enough time. Of course, you had time, but you did not apply the ultimate time management strategies that work.

So what the heck is productivity?

Productivity is not always about getting many tasks done in a day. It is consistently accomplishing the most important things. You might have a long schedule of tasks to undertake, but there are always in ranks, from the most important ones to the least important.

Just as James Clear said, “being productive is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything.

Are you looking forward to being a productive person in what you do? Check out the proven time management strategies below:

Time Management Strategies

1. Eliminate Time-Wasting Activities

By eliminating the activities that might waste your time, you get to organize tasks, take action, and get more done. This method can be used for extended productivity plans.

It helps you answer the most crucial questions like “how should I spend my time this week” and “what should I do today?

With that said, you need to consider cross-checking your activities.

2. Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities

Focusing on what matters is very important. There are times where we tend to lose our focus when handling some tasks. When such happens, that is the time when you need to start thinking about what is the best fit for the day.

You cannot start thinking of going to the beach for a swim when it is at 9 am. Maximize your focus. When you can focus on essential things, eventually you will get to understand what tasks are a priority.

When you decide to pick five priority tasks out of 15 jobs, the remaining are deemed to task you must avoid at all costs until you succeed with your top 5 priority duties you selected. They become secondary priority tasks.

According to Warren Buffet – “Every behavior has a cost. Even neutral behaviors aren’t neutral. They take up time, energy, and space that could be put toward better behaviors or more important tasks.

Time Management Pro-Tip

“Spending time on secondary priorities is the reason you have 25 half-finished projects instead of 5 completed ones.”

Most time management productivity strategies out there advice about short term efficiency.

There are great strategic choices that must be adhered to for you to maximize your extended-term productivity.

Proven Ways to be More Productive Every Day

1. Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Generally, you need to manage both your energy and time. As much as the statement may seem to be contradicting, it is right that you need to manage your energy and not your time.

Every person is better at doing some things at specific times. What you need to know the amount of energy you have in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Then determine what tasks are suitable for what time and how much energy each will require.

2. Prepare the Night Before for Effective Time Management

It is a good habit to know what you will have for breakfast before the deed day comes. It saves you time when you wake up -because you will walk straight in the kitchen and start preparing.

The same happens to plan your to-do list for the next day. It should be done before you pull that blanket and cover your face. Spend a few minutes every night to plan for tomorrow. It might take you 15 minutes that night, but trust me, it will save you a whole lot of 2 hours the following day.

3. Don’t Open Your Email or Social Media Apps Until Noon

As crazy as it might sound, the logic is valid. Every email and Facebook message can wait for a while. There is no one with a real emergency, which is going to drop it in your mailbox. Let them make a call. Use your morning hours to work on what’s essential and not replying to what is “urgent.” Don’t waste your time giving attention to meaningless Social Media tasks.

4. Work In a Cool and Calm Place

Salute to Michael Hyatt when he said that Turning the temperature down or moving to a more relaxed place is an easy way to focus your mind and body. You might need to consider this.

It does not have to be the literal coolness, too, but mind working in an environment that best suits a particular task. Let’s take me for an example; when I am writing an article on any subject, I do it under a shade. This is because of the cool breeze, which makes me focus and concentrate on the subject matter. There are no destructions of incoming messages and news feeds.

Pick your spot wisely.

Take Away

Even though there are many ways to be productive, the above time management strategies have been proven to work.

You need to choose your options well and poses the vital time management skills for you to be part of the productive team.

Here is a bonus that can help you to maximize your time. Make good use of dead time. What do you do when waiting for a doctor or when boarding a train back home from work? Don’t waste time staring outside the window. Use that time to plan brainstorm on your next project.

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